Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Day Another Ride

Mondays are MS150 training rides at Whole Foods Market. They are a little different then the road rides I am used to but still loads of fun. Normally when I am on a road ride its all about pace lines, upping your average speed, and of coarse trying to drop your friends. If it is one thing that the DrJ's taught me its that every ride is a race. The Monday rides are a little more chill. And with out disrespecting anyone I am not used to ride where platform pedals are widely accepted. One of the biggest things I knotice with this group is no whinning about saddle position, pedals be too heavy, or how a crapon fibre something or other would really help out on the climbs. Everyone just has fun and in turn it make me want to ride even more.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Warming up for Chub

It is no surprise that I have not been riding all that much until lately. But I have missed the trails and I have missed the purity of the sport. Don't get me wrong I am not one of those guys who scoffs at riders who rock 9 speed duel suspensions with the latest garmin's. But losing yourself on trails you know by the back of you hand while riding a rigid single speed is by far one of the best feeling I have felt on a bike. Either way you rock it Castlewood is always a good place to ride. However, like any true blue cyclist you need more. For this reason there are new trails and other parks. And as much as I will always ride Cwood there are days were I want a trail that will chew me up and spit me out. A trail where the people out there are just as serious as you are. A trail that is forgiving and yet ruthless. A trail by the name of Chub. I am not ready for a day in the saddle at Chub yet. But, after a few more rides, and figuring out how to clip in again. I will stare down that rocky snake that twists through the back woods of West Tyson Castlewood and Loan Elk, turn up my music, and ride it out.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I went out to Cwood today which was one of the best ideas that I have had in the past couple weeks. There is honestly nothing like ripping through single track which adrenaline fueled music beating your ear drums to a bloody pulp.

I started out with what seems to be the standard trail selection: Love. I reached the top and headed on to Roller Coaster descending on Grotpeter. From there I headed out to the flats and climbed Blue Ribbon which is torn apart from the horses. I refueled at the car and hit Loan Wolf catching a guy on a geared bike and snapping his wrist. I understand that this could very well have been his first time on a mountain bike. But, it still felt good to not stop while climbing and actually passing someone in the process. I proceeded out to Justin's where I snapped the wrists of two other riders heading up the first climb. Over Ries road to Love and churning up Ranger. My legs where feeling it at this point but I couldn't pass up another turn on Roller Coaster before scortching down Grotpeter to my car, 2 hours and 1800 calories later. It feels good to ride in the dirt.

As you all have noticed I am screening the replies that get posted to my blog. This is due to the lack of respect you all have had for me and what I post. I started this to gain recognition and write about a hobby of mine. Not to become a joke for the rest of the cycling community. If you all don't like this then fuck you. I am tied of being nice and hoping that you all will grow up or get bored and leave me alone. If you do not care about what I have to write about I am sure there is another website you can visit.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Colds suck

So I thought that I had dodged the nasty bug that was going around work. I was wrong and it sucker punched me right in the face... and the throat...and the lungs. I tried not to let it slow me down and still made all the roller hockey games we had on our schedule the last week. I finally started to feel better to day and met up with G to run an easy 4 miles. It felt good so I continued the work out at home with some core stuff nothing to intense.

I am sad to say that I had to bail on the middle fork ride last Thursdor due to a scratch on my Cornea. Some snot nosed little turd at the blues game on Tuesday night was trying to catch a falling coupon for QD instead he stabbed me in the eye with one of his dirty little fingers. Oh well the joke is on him because I got the coupon and vision is covered by Whole Foods. That free Blizzard will be the sweetest one I have ever had.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reality hurts

So I was told this week all that would be in the sky is rain. However, today somewhere between the last episode of Breaking Bad and the Third episode of The Office I realized that it was one of those awesome days where you revoke you right to call yourself a cyclist if you do not ride. So I donned the Lycra, filed the water bottles, pressed play on the Ipod, and headed out.

I did my normal loop into Fenton and back home. It is amazing the little things that forget when you do not ride like being able to clip back in after stopping at a red light, or as the case was today drinking from a water bottle. I tried this seemingly easy task about 2 miles into my ride and ended up in the ditch. I scraped the egg off of my face and continued on my ride. Thankfully without and other incidents.

I was not expecting much from the first real ride back on the road bike so I am fairly happy with my results: 33 miles, 15.5 mph average, 2437 vertical feet of climbing, and 1600 burned calories.